New VoIP telephony bundle from Snom targets SMMBs

A new Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony solution, targeted at small to medium-sized businesses and home offices, has been released by Duxbury Networking.
The Snom M215SC “bundle” includes the M200SC single-cell base station, delivering up to 50 metres of coverage, as well as the cordless M15SC handset with up to seven hours of talk time. A week’s standby power is available from the battery-powered device.

According to Terence Merifield, product manager at Duxbury Networking, the local Snom distributor, a single Snom base station may be configured with up to six Snom handsets.

“In this configuration, up to four phone calls may be made simultaneously,” he says. “It’s a combination designed to provide maximum productivity at the best price point.”

Merifield says the modern Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology on which the optionally Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) powered Snom M215SC is based is easy to use and ideal for everyday business needs.

“The DECT standard is the accepted benchmark in the telephony industry for indoor wireless solutions. In addition to minimising cabling costs and facilitating rapid installation, it encourages workplace mobility, allowing users to roam around the office while in conversation.

“With the Snom M215SC, distances of up to 300 metres from the base station are possible allowing the handsets – which include a convenient belt-clip – to be used over several floors or throughout large buildings.”

While mobility is a key feature, Merifield says the Snom family does not sacrifice functionality and quality for increased mobility. “Users can move far from their desks without losing call quality or call continuity,” he adds.

Snom’s DECT solutions use a dedicated frequency band said to be less congested than alternative wireless technologies. This helps facilitate high-quality audio even with DECT’s secure communication encryption function active. The integrated installation mode on the Snom handsets assists with installation and commissioning.

Duxbury Networking is also able to supply Snom DECT handset options for professional indoor and outdoor use, including hard-hat or industrial areas.

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