New additions to Netgear’s ReadyNas family

Netgear is refreshing its award-winning ReadyNas Network Attached Storage (NAS) family, which will soon be available from local distributor Duxbury Networking. The six-bay desktop models, ReadyNAS 526X and ReadyNAS 626X, are targeted at creative professionals and small-to-medium size businesses requiring more storage capacity combined with improved performance.

“The new ReadyNAS storage systems are designed to meet the demands of growing businesses and media-heavy creative professionals,” says Tobie van Schalkwyk, Netgear Business Development Manager at Duxbury Networking.

“The new models also pioneer a cost-effective and easy upgrade path for small businesses to 10 Gigabit networking,” he notes. “They bring best-in-class 10 Gigabit connectivity to desktop storage and are supported by dual 10G ports to maximise data access performance and provide redundancy.”

Security is also a key feature, as both ReadyNas units run on the latest version of the NetgearReadyNAS operating system (OS 6) with five levels of data protection.

Van Schalkwyk says ReadyNAS 526X and ReadyNAS 626X enable Netgear to deliver exceptionally high performance levels, outperforming previous-generation NAS solutions by up to eight times.

“As such, the units are a boon for creative professionals who work on high resolution digital imagery, ultra-HD 4K video and future 8K video. They now have a NAS that does not impede their creativity due to performance deficits. What’s more, businesses can now boost productivity levels by backing up data 10 times faster and address eight times as many users as before.”

According to Van Schalkwyk, the new ReadyNAS units, featuring a server-class processor, accommodate more virtual machines (VMs) and allow for faster response times and higher server loads. “They are also ideal for small businesses looking for high-performance server virtualisation,” he adds. 

ReadyNAS 526X and 626X are designed to integrate into any existing Gigabit or 10 Gigabit network and work seamlessly with 10 Gigabit copper Ethernet switching solutions from Netgear. The built-in dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports can be configured to operate as a trunk in link-aggregation mode with Netgear 10 Gigabit switches – adding redundancy and improving overall system performance.

ReadyNAS 526X, 626X are available from Duxbury-accredited resellers and dealers at the recommended retail prices of R 32 000 and R 39 000 (including VAT) respectively.

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